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More Than You Can Bear

8 April 2019

God will never put more on you than you can bear, right? Right? RIGHT?


Several events in my life have been more than I could bear. It crushed me. It scrambled my mind to the point of disorientation and a relentless search for a logic that wasn’t there. My natural senses couldn’t comprehend the pain. My emotional stability was shaken to the core and tried to unravel at the seams before me.

There’s no way my upbringing, education, social status or professional acumen could help me withstand the colossal levels of ratchetry, earthly mayhem and spiritual chaos in my life. It was too much. It IS too much for me. And while God didn’t “put it on me” – He definitely allowed it and it’s exponentially more than I could ever handle.

And that’s the point.

I should’ve cracked. You should’ve snapped. We should not be here right now. But the reason you are is not because of you. God purposefully allows circumstances to exceed our capacity because that’s where His perfect love, wisdom and strength comes in to handle situations beyond our control. With Him, we can handle it. With God, we can do anything. Our weakness activates His strength and what becomes more than we can bear, suddenly becomes a triumph in His name.

But you need Him. Life is structured so that things go beyond our control to remind us that He is in control. You weren’t designed to deal with it alone, but thank God you are never alone.

The next time something happens, don’t trip. You weren’t made to bear it. You were hardwired to give it to God and by his strength, you got this because God’s got you.

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