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Alone or Nah?

19 April 2019

I gave up on my family understanding me a long time ago. I believe they want the best for me; however, I believe their definition of “best” is vastly different from mine. When manual labor and acceptance of mediocrity is revered moreso than intellectual prowess and relentless pursuit of excellence…it makes for one lonely dude.

Nobody gets me…but God.

I believe I’m set apart for a purpose. My position places me on a path to gather experiences that will help me fulfill that purpose. I wish it wasn’t riddled with so much frustration. I wish I wasn’t surrounded by individuals who could care less about me, my life, my feelings, my goals and aspirations. I wish I could find consolation instead of a bombardment of narcissistic opportunists who overshadow the handful of true friends and family who wish me well.

I find peace in knowing God in interested in me and what I have to say. That reality quenches the dry, wasteland of thoughts that crackle with the lie that I’m alone. Because I’m not. I’m set apart. And you can watch God fulfill His purpose for my life from where you are.

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Award-winning podcaster and GRAMMY writer turned preacher. Entrepreneur. Marketing Strategist. Writer. Illustrator. Musician. Chef. Bullet Journalist.

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