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When is Love Enough?

14 March 2019

To have no love is to have no God; yet to know God is to know love. When the universe extends beyond our lifespan, it becomes an eternity that only our souls are able to reach. But while here on earth, we’ve taken distorted self-images and hedonistic wishes and mixed it with a broth of dim glimmers of spiritual shine. We warm those feelings by the exasperated exhales of fairy tales until it smells of our interpretation of love. That’s when we begin to breathe deeply; but the aroma is deceiving and by the time you know, you’ve already begun to choke.

Somewhere between euphoria and despair, you learn to breathe the haze as you await happier days filled with what you thought was love.

This dysfunctional depiction of love becomes your absolute definition of love, but your measuring stick is sick from poor nutrition that began before you could really understand how true love feels. Now you feel because you are an adult because you’ve endured heartache so severe that it brought you to your knees – and then you decided to pray. Your experience with love has tugged your soul towards the edge of your skin; bringing you as close to heaven as you could get without dying – yet you still haven’t lived.

Your past has become a barometer used for fortune telling rather than extrapolated lessons for newness and change. Paranoia passes for discernment. Pain is leveraged for intuition. Anger is given a makeover to resemble protection. We do this in the name of love but we’ve named the wrong thing because love does not require such modifications nor interpretations. This is why you feel love is not enough. Your love is a cornucopia of chaos derived from physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual, intellectual, cultural misconduct.

Where is God in your love equation? If you believe, then you know that God is love and his absence is love’s absence. That’s why your heart feels empty. Love sans God isn’t love at all. If you want to love someone, you want God for them. If you want to be in love, your desire must first be in God’s will. If you want to show him the greatest love of all, you must reflect the love God has for you. If you want to be her greatest love, you must follow Christ before you can lead her to happiness.

God is the answer. God is infinite. God is the salve to heal your misappropriated emotions. God is more than enough; therefore love is enough. Love is enough. With God, your love is enough.

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