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Think Good Thoughts

13 March 2019

It’s a dim season for various reasons. For a moment, I had difficulty shifting my thoughts from the dark side of reality. I am facing so many challenges in life: financially, professionally, physically, spiritually, etc. and here I am facing them alone…again.

Being alone has never bothered me; it’s the promises of not being alone (from others) that have made me feel some kind of way in my solitude. There were times I pushed them away or become so submerged in work, it was hard to see me drowning. That’s not my scenario this time. I have a robust list of action items that embraces every area of my life. There’s enough to preoccupy my mind away from the fact that I’m not just alone this time… I’m lonely.

I listened to Pastor Mike Moore teach me HOW-TO manage my emotions by managing my thoughts. I went into Philippians 4:8 mode and began thinking on all the good in my life; and there is plenty of good. That exercise during my commute, helped tremendously. It kept me from sending that text message or writing that email. I kept my emotions in check, which is not only a sign of spiritual maturity, but an attribute of successful people as well.

This is just a season and I pray I stay strong as it passes through.


Award-winning podcaster and GRAMMY writer turned preacher. Entrepreneur. Marketing Strategist. Writer. Illustrator. Musician. Chef. Bullet Journalist.

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