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The Gift Of Goodbye

15 March 2019

It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye. I Never Can Say Goodbye. Kiss and Say Goodbye. My iTunes music library contains more than 190 songs with the word goodbye.

As a culture, we are infatuated with saying goodbye; more importantly, we are obsessed with the difficulty and dramatic fashions in which we struggle with saying goodbye. There is an inherent perception of success in gaining things while, conversely, there is often a stigma associated with loss.

I believe the greatest and most life-changing blessings are often not what is given to us, but that which is taken away.

There are inanimate objects, as well as counterproductive people, who occupy the space where greater blessings are destined to be. Perhaps you are the barrier between someone else and their destiny. It’s not always blatant enemies or objects designed to do us harm; in fact, it’s usually something and/or someone that gives us a false sense of security through familiarity: an emotionally unavailable boyfriend, a verbally condescending wife, a shiny digital device that keeps you away from your family, a toxic relationship that hurts so good.

God wants to remove anything that disrupts our relationship with Him. The First Commandment is to never put anything before Him. I’ll admit that I’ve put my career goals, social status and yes, even people in front of God – knowingly and unknowingly.

I’ve literally had people exit my life with no explanation and it wasn’t until I got real with myself that I knew why. I’ve walked away from relationships and friendships that were not conducive to my lifestyle of loving Christ. I’ve struggled with NOT helping certain people in challenging circumstances in order for God to work it out so He would get the glory.

That’s the gift of goodbye.

It hurts. It’s complicated. It’s confusing. But once you shift the focus off what’s gone and praise God for what’s and who’s left, you will see the power and the blessing in the gift.

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