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More Than a Monday

18 March 2019

Most of us dread Mondays. It’s viewed as the death of the weekend and the birth of long hours at work, never ending action items and five days until the next 48 hour reprieve. It’s rare that we see Mondays as the mark of a new beginning. New opportunities stand patiently behind a door we’re too distracted to see because we’re lamenting over a cup of coffee.

But today is much more than Monday. This is a new week to transform your world with a series of simple milestones. Every major triumph has a trail of milestones gathered by forward movement over time. That movement can begin today…the first day of the week…Monday.

This day has no judgments or regrets. It’s ready to receive what you put into it and, thankfully, we have control over what and how we manage our day – regardless of external challenges. If you’re unhappy with your current work/family/health status, this is the beginning of a new week that can catapult you into your destiny – one small win at a time.

This is more than Monday, this is our lives progressing naturally – whether we like it or not. I encourage you to love your life and embrace the beginning with the knowledge that we have control of the outcome. It’s not about getting a promotion, finding the person of your dreams or becoming a millionaire – it’s about peace of mind. Today is the absolute best day of your life because you have yet another opportunity to reach that peaceful state of mind, regardless of what comes your way.

This is more than Monday. It’s our lives and we don’t have to wait until 5 o’clock or the weekend to enjoy it.

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Award-winning podcaster and GRAMMY writer turned preacher. Entrepreneur. Marketing Strategist. Writer. Illustrator. Musician. Chef. Bullet Journalist.

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