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God is Social

26 March 2019

Our God is a social God. He wants to spend time with us. That’s why we were created; to have an ever-growing relationship with the Father in a way that glorifies Him and give us a life and afterlife showered by his love. He’s more than some mystical man in the clouds controlling our every move. He’s more like a loving parent who’s watching our every move. He knew we were going to get dirty with our decisions, so He sent His Son to pay the price for our transgressions — all so He could continue His relationship with us.

God speaks to us in several ways. Occasionally He will reach out and drop a powerful Word into our spirit. Nothing too exasperated, but just enough of our native language to make sense and change the course of our lives.

Some of the most profound, life-altering messages I’ve received from God could be captured in a tweet. He often places visions in my mind and post them in my subconscious like a spiritual Instagram. In order to deepen my relationship with Him, I’ve had to delve my face into His book.

When we share His message to others and ignite influentials to share to their tribes of people – God’s Word goes viral like a YouTube cat video. When His Word goes forth, it gains more than “awwww” – the gains are actually awesome: healing, supernatural restoration, victory, favor, forgiveness, love, grace, mercy, etc. The list is longer than a stream of Periscope hearts.

God is social; however, He won’t post a selfie. It’s His expectation that “we” reflect Him in the world.

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